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Тема: anyone to understand me?
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hello there!

I'm Peter from Hamburg, Germany.

Just came to this side accidentally and I don't understand one word russian. All I could spot were the runes.


But I'm quite interested to gather some contacts in Russia, especially with people interested in runes/ magick.

So if you're willing to contact me - just let me know via Email.

Check this page:

http://sta.vu (Stav)
(Runic martial art I'm doing)
http://www.grossloge.org (Fraternitas Saturni)


12.02.2003 17:34
Madra Airlynn
Тема: there are some rules for that forum! [Ans]
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Most important are these:
1. All mesages must be marked with a special Rune appropriated with its content

2. Forum topic (runology) messages must be marked with a Rune Ansuz

3. Messages with near-topic content must be marked with a Rune Eihwaz

4. Messages of a funny or non-topic kind must be marked with a Rune Wunjo

5. How to mark: place in "Тема*" in [] special shortenings. Ans for Ansuz, Eihw for Eihwaz, Wun for Wunjo

6. Messages without special markings will be deleted after warning

7. Please be polite

Зав, по-моему, надо уже правила перевести на ангельский... Заняться, что-ли? ;о))

Personal message from moderator: we are glad to hear from you here! Welcome :o) You've made a great site, on which I'm, unfortunately can read nothing, because I don't know your language. But don't be sad - I liked its design ;o))))))))))
12.02.2003 22:03
Тема: Sorry! [Wun]
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I didn't know your rules and I don't know whether it's really good that I keep on writing here; I would disturb you rather than being productive for I do not know your language.

It was the mood for the moment and my sudden intuition leading me to you; besides I got some visions about Wunjo and Russia;
funny, isn't it?

STAV is a northern Martial Art and magickal system, based on the younger futhark.

So if anyone is interested in it, it would be great starting a communication.

Perhaps there is anyone interested in translating the most important part of our homepage into Russian?

I really ought to let this message being the last, but open for any emailing.

Thank you,

13.02.2003 18:21




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